How We Are Better (courses)


Better Courses

How we are better?: We offer you MUCH better first aid training: a standard you can't get anywhere else: ensuring that your first aiders really do have the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to save lives.  

We are experts in making the complex simple and we excel at making your first aiders understand more. We also teach into long term memory: so that they understand what they learn for longer.

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Our courses are carefully crafted learning environments that use videos, theatre, role plays, games, talks, discussions, diagrams & analogies not just to get your first aiders thinking & engaged: but to ensure that they are emotionally involved too.

Notably we teach first aiders to control their emotions in an emergency. We work to ensure that their scene management is second nature and we teach CPR using measurement: we have done this for 6 years and are very good at it:  We achieve CPR better than 90% perfect with the majority of delegates & we don't believe that you can teach CPR to an acceptable standard in any other way.  So don't settling for less!  (and try not to put more than 8 people on a course or we won't have time to do this)

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Our courses are also more fun, in part because we make first aid matter; we also play with the emotions of delegates (without upsetting them of course) and yes that includes making them laugh.   But more important than enjoying our courses: delegates return because they like to feel confident in their own abilities when it comes to saving lives.

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How We Are Better (value)


Better Value for Money

We ensure that our prices are competitive: and are transparent about what we charge. Our prices are listed on our course pages. (Our prices assume that you are providing a training room)

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We offer pricing options to meet your needs: 

Charging either per delegate, per course or we can offer you a fixed cost contract depending upon how many delegates you need to train. 

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 We also more flexible:  

We will run courses with smaller numbers if you find it hard to release staff at the same time; 

We can tailor courses to your industry or needs and 

We'll run at times to suit you. 

If you need to change the date or cancel courses or delegates, we won't charge you at all: To enable us to achieve that commitment we do NEED a weeks notice from you or we can't relinquish those charges.   


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How are we better (compliance)


Better Compliance

The H&S (First Aid) Regulations were revised in 2013 & require employers to carry out a due diligence assessment of their first aid training provider.  

This needs to ensure that the agreed national standards, practices & syllabus are followed in the delivery of your training; that the instructors have the right qualifications; that the right details are written on certificates & that the training providers quality control systems are adequate. That assessment must demonstrate due diligence & as such you cannot let your training provider do it. 

The only exception in those regulations to doing a due diligence assessment is to use a course that is Ofqual regulated. That moves the due diligence responsibility to Ofsted, your awarding body & your training provider.  It is surprising then that The Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance and some other large training providers don't offer Ofqual regulated courses:  We do.

So in short: deciding whether to use a training provider who offers Ofqual regulated courses or not, is a choice between: 

a) doing a mountain of research & paperwork and accepting      liability for your decisions or 

b) not doing the paperwork & passing the liability to Ofqual

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Those regulations also make employers legally responsible for ensuring that their first aid provision is adequate & appropriate. And it says specifically that employers have to ensure that their first aiders 'remain competent' (L74 paragraph 6).  

To 'remain competent' you need to become competent & then retain those skills.  In part here the HSE are pressuring employers to put their first aiders through annual refresher courses.

Only how can you be sure that they were ever competent if 

- all they have is a certificate that no one ever fails?  

- you have no information about their skills 

- they were taught CPR, as a critical skill, to a measured standard, without any measurement?  

I give you that confidence. I measure CPR performance & if you want them, I write individual performance reports for you. 

The individual performance reports I write allow you to show your managers, staff, the courts or in tender documents how good your first aiders are; in an emergency they allow you to engage your best first aiders and they empower you to address any areas of performance that don't meet your standards & expectations.

And you need the standards of competence that we offer not just because you are liable if your first aiders are not deemed competent, but also because the care given before the paramedics arrive has a bigger impact on survival & recovery of casualties than ALL of the help that follows.   Your first aiders are THAT important!

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Finally you are required by law to have a first aid risk assessment. In one day I can teach you everything you need to know about the first aid regulations and I can help you write a fully compliant first aid risk assessment for your company.  That course is suitable for whoever needs to write your first aid risk assessment AND for the person who controls the finances to enable you to comply with it. 


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