First Aid Annual Refresher course


Why this course

This is NOT a renewal of your qualification: although we can give you a first aid certificate. This course is just to ensure that delegates retain their knowledge, skills and confidence in first aid and to up-date them of any changes in the delivery of first aid since their last qualification.

It is widely understood that first aiders do not retain their knowledge and skills for 3 years: in part because these are not skills that they use regularly.  With this in mind the HSE have for decades have recommended that employers put their first aiders through annual refresher courses.  In October 2013 the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 were rewritten to make employers legally responsible for ensuring that their First Aiders 'remain competent'.  (This is stated in the HSE advisory document L74 paragraph 6). Meanwhile the HSE still 'recommend' annual refresher training.  As such, were there to be an accident and the first aider was not competent the employer would have breached their duty under this law. Had the First Aider not undertaken annual refresher training that would be taken into account.


Who is it for

This course is for anyone with a valid First Aid qualification.



This course would cover the treatment of an unconscious casualty and would use scene management scenarios to refresh the first aid topics covered on their first aid qualification: This would vary depending on whether they were renewing a one or a three day first aid course.